Hello everyone and welcome to Aeroscope Labs, the creators of Aeroscope. Aeroscope is the world's first wireless oscilloscope probe. It is an ultra portable oscilloscope that pairs to a user's mobile device, like a tablet or phone. We have been working on developing Aeroscope for the last two years and are just about ready to bring it to market.

I was working on an elusive bug on a mobile robot when I came up with the idea for Aeroscope. This bug would only show up when the robot was sealed up and driving around the room. I needed a way to monitor analog signals inside the robot while it was driving around. I searched the market and was surprised to see that nothing like this existed. I began working on Aeroscope, and contacted my long time friend Jon to see if he would be interested in tackling this problem with me. We believe that a low cost ultra mobile oscilloscope that is small enough to be embedded inside of mobile systems will be a game changer for debugging intermittent or environmentally dependent bugs. Aeroscope's portability allows users with even modest budgets the ability to debug electronics in the field. Additionally, the reduction in the mess of wires at your work bench is a bonus.

Our goal is to provide professional grade performance at an affordable price point. We wanted to make Aeroscope capable enough that we, as professional engineers, would be proud to have one in our tool chest. We believe that our specs and price point achieve that goal.

We will be launching a crowdfunding pre-order campaign in the next few months. Join our email list to be kept aware of this and other Aeroscope related news.