Progress Update

It has been a while since we have posted an update and we've been getting some questions regarding the future of Aeroscope. Here is a short update about what we've been working on for the last few months.

We have been working hard here at Aeroscope Labs ramping up for our upcoming product launch. The lower cost Aeroscope 100 hardware design is just about finalized and we are putting the final touches on the iOS app. Production quantities of parts are starting to show up at our Boulder office and we are ironing out the kinks with our production test process. The excitement is building as we get closer and closer to launch day!

We are planning on running another campaign on Crowd Supply in late January. This will be more of a pre-sale campaign than a traditional crowdfunding campaign. We are building up an inventory of Aeroscope 100s that will be ready to ship prior to the campaign's launch. This means that Aeroscope will be shipped out to our backers as soon as they place their order. The campaign won't have a funding goal, ensuring that anyone who orders an Aeroscope will receive one. If we sell out of our existing inventory there will be a 6 week delay while we build up more Aeroscopes.

After all of the Crowd Supply backers have received their Aeroscopes we will be selling through our website. We also intend on selling through a few distributors but don't have a firm timeline on when that will begin.

We appreciate all of the words of support and encouragement we have received surrounding Aeroscope. We can't wait to get this great product out into the world!