Manufacturing Aeroscope

As we have mentioned in previous posts, we have identified a US based manufacturing partner to produce Aeroscope. This Wisconsin based company has three production facilities and has been working in the electronics industry for over 35 years. We recently traveled to Wisconsin and toured a few of their plants. We were impressed with their capabilities and are excited for them to start cranking out Aeroscopes!

We are often asked why we have decided to produce Aeroscope in the USA and not in China. Jonathan and I have experience manufacturing products in the USA, Mexico, Malaysia, and China. We have both felt the pros and cons of off shore manufacturing first hand.

Overseas manufacturing makes sense for very high volume products but not necessarily for low or medium volume production. Costs in China are rising [1] and producing products in Asia isn't as compelling as it once was [2]. Long and expensive flights, dramatic time zone differences, language barriers, and long over ocean shipping times all detract from the attractiveness of Asian manufacturing. I have been involved in multiple product launches that experienced weeks of schedule slip due to back and forth email correspondence with Asian manufacturing partners.

Additionally, there is a lack of control when production volumes aren't large enough to warrant your own dedicated production line. Large factories will agree to manufacture your product but will try and squeeze the manufacturing in during down times between their larger volume clients. This means that you don't know exactly when the build will take place and you won't be there to support any problems that may arise. 

For these reasons, we have decided to produce Aeroscope at US based manufacturing facilities.