Pre-sale Campaign

We are excited to announce more details regarding our upcoming crowd funding campaign. We have decided to host our campaign on Crowd Supply.  Crowd Supply is a hardware only funding platform that focuses on bringing well prepared, mature products to market. They perform a thorough vetting process before agreeing to represent projects and they have a 100% delivery rate on their funded projects.

This focus on quality products and user satisfaction resonates with Jon and myself. Although we have been working on Aeroscope for two years, we have waited to launch this campaign until now. Not only did we want to ensure that we had a solid design but also that we had anticipated all costs, schedule impacts, manufacturing time frames, and regulatory hurdles. This careful planning and hard work will ensure that Aeroscope is a quality product and will be delivered to its backers on time. Our campaign will launch at 9am EDT on Tuesday June 14. Click here to visit our campaign page.