Please email for support inquiries. See our tutorials page for instructional articles on operating Aeroscope.


Connection Problems:

If you are having problems connecting with Aeroscope please try these steps:

  • Make sure that you are using a supported device - iPhone 4S and later, iPad 3 and later, iPod touch 5th generation and later, iPad mini, or iPad pro
  • Double Check that your device's Bluetooth is enabled
  • Open the Aeroscope app and click on the "Connection" button
  • You should see a list of nearby Aeroscopes that are available for connection
  • Tap the name of the Aeroscope you would like to connect to
  • If you don't see any Aeroscopes in this list try plugging your Aeroscope into a USB charger. Aeroscope is fully functional while charging, even with a dead battery
  • Aeroscope's button will blink yellow when charging or green if it is fully charged
  • After plugging Aeroscope in, check the Connection Menu again
  • If you still don't see your Aeroscope in the Connection Menu reboot your device and check again

Single Shot/Full Frame Download Doesn't Work:

This is a known bug. Single shot and full frame download don't work correctly in the first half minute after establishing a connection. The workaround is just to use Aeroscope in run mode for 20 - 30 seconds after connecting. These features should work fine after that. We have identified a fix and will be releasing an over-the-air firmware update soon.

Slow Update With Long Time Scales:

This is normal behavior. Aeroscope, like many oscilloscopes fills the entire memory (4k samples) whenever a trigger is received. For long time scales, e.g. 100 ms/division, writing all 4k samples to memory noticeably decreases the update rate. You would expect the screen to update about once per second at 100 ms/div (10 divisions * 100ms/div). Since Aeroscope is filling up all 4k sample points in its memory it takes about 8 seconds between frames at 100 ms/div. For long time scales, try using 500 ms/div settings and above, which are implemented as roll mode features and have no latency issues.